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"Your world will never look the same again..."

A spiritual odyssey set in the rural South of a century past, Pug Sheridan depicts a young woman's arduous quest for identity and redemption. More than a typical coming-of-age tale, the novel explores the natures of love, friendship, loss, and racism and reveals how childhood choices affect our adult lives in unexpected and sometimes wondrous ways.

In her own wise, distinctive, tough-talking manner, Pug narrates her metamorphosis from rough-and-tumble tomboy to mature woman. Along her difficult path, she struggles against human evil in the form of a resurgent Ku Klux Klan that threatens her family and her most cherished friends -- the members of a secret sorority transcending racial taboos, known as the Seven Sisters. The conflict tests Pug's courage and resourcefulness and ultimately forces her to confront her own capacity for violence, and her inner demons.

Pug Sheridan concerns the ties that bind us all,in life and even beyond. Caught in a web of extraordinary and even supernatural experiences, Pug comes to learn the lesson taught by her adopted Cherokee grandmother: "Our life's purpose is to remember who we are. Life's meaning is to become that. We are not just animals. We are not just spirit. We are something more."

A page-turner with a rapid pulse, Pug Sheridan will be treasured by readers of all ages for dramatizing the heartfelt truth that the answers to our most soul-searching questions can often be found within ourselves or reflected in the eyes of those who love us most.